ATP Meaning in Text: Definition, Uses & Ways to Reply

what do atp mean in tex

Social media acronyms are nothing but slang. Nowadays people have made it a trend to use more acronyms while chatting, putting captions, or on any other social media activity. While surfing social media like Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok, or any other, you might have come across hundreds of them. It’s hard to decode the meaning of every self-created slang. 

The most confusing acronym for which people are seeking assistance is ATP these days. Not only ATP, but many of the confusing acronyms blow the users’ minds and make them think what could be its meaning. Here in this article, we are going to crack the ATP texting meaning along with its other usages.

Meaning of ATP in texting

The main confusion that prevails among the users is about the most common meaning of any acronym. As they are self-created, hence have multiple meanings. So what does atp mean in text? Our team has tried their best to define every possible usage of ATP in this article. The most common usage of ATP on social media is “Attend The Phone” or “Answer The Phone”.

The meaning of this acronym is very obvious: the person who is sending this to you wants you to attend their call. It’s a way to grab your attention towards the urgent call from this message.


  • Hey! ATP, there is something important that I need to tell you.
  • ATP, it’s urgent.

You might have now got an idea of ATP’s meaning in texting. But knowing the meaning is not enough, the main task is to know how you can use it or if someone has sent you a text with ATP then how can you respond to them? In further sections, we are going to discuss all the uses and responses of ATP in texting on social media like TikTok, Snapchat, etc.

How can you use ATP in texting?

After knowing the basic meaning of ATP, ATP meaning Tiktok is also similar. Now we have prepared a complete list to show how you can use ATP in texting. Let’s have a look:

1). When it’s urgent to talk over the phone:

Sometimes there is a need to talk over the phone urgently for any reason, maybe it is out of super excitement or super worry. When you are in a hurry and want the person to respond to your call as soon as possible, then you can use ATP.

For example

  • ATP, I have been stuck in the heavy rainfall and need your help.
  • Hey, I am super excited to tell you this great news. ATP as it’s a big opportunity for you.
  • ATP, I require your superior guidance in my final exams.

2). When you are not a long message typer:

Hardly anyone likes to type long blocks of messages. It is hard to convey your emotions and feelings over the text. At that time a person can send ATP and inform them that you are going to tell the entire story over the phone so pick it up.

For example: 

  • Tom: Did you attend the farewell?
  • John: yes I did
  • Tom: Who else was there at the party?
  • John: There are many things I want to tell you. ATP then will tell you everything.

How to respond to ATP texts?

ATP meaning text must have become pretty much clear to everyone. Now you should also know how to respond to such messages.

1). Either call or reply with a text: 

If you have got a text with ATP then it means the person wants to talk to you whenever it is possible for you. It’s up to you to either make an immediate call or reply with another text.

For example:

  • Tom: ATP, there is something I need to discuss
  • You: hey I wasn’t available that time. Do you want me to call you?

Other meanings of ATP:

  • “At This Point” means “Right Now”
  • “Adenosine Triphosphate” is a biochemistry term
  • “Association of Tennis Professionals” 

Final thoughts

ATP stands for “Answer the phone” on social media. Now you know how you can use it on TikTok or other social media platforms, use it, or respond to it freely with our guide.

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