Legendary Radio Voice Maestro Ameen Sayani Passes Away at 91

Radio’s voice magician Amin Sayani passed away at the age of 91. A sad day for the fans of Awaaz, known as the “Magician of Awaaz” and the “Emperor of Radio”, who was famous for programs like “Binaka Geetmala” besides countless other programs.

Amin Sayani’s son Rajil Sayani confirmed the heartbreaking news and revealed that his father’s last moments took place in Mumbai. Sayani recently suffered a heart attack and was rushed to the hospital, but unfortunately, she could not be saved.

Amin Sayani’s funeral is scheduled for Thursday, February 22 and preparations are underway for his relatives to pay their last respects. An official statement regarding the funeral is expected to be released soon.

Born on December 21, 1932, in Mumbai, Ameen Sayani rose to prominence as a prominent figure in the world of radio. His career kicked off at All India Radio where his brother, Hamid Sayani, introduced him. Over the years, Sayani became synonymous with quality radio broadcasting, captivating listeners nationwide with his enchanting voice.

His contribution extended beyond radio as he lent his voice to several films, including “Teen Deviyan” and others, earning him widespread acclaim. Sayani’s name found a place in the Limca Book of Records, a testament to his unparalleled legacy in the entertainment industry.

Though Ameen Sayani may have departed this world, his voice will continue to echo in the ears of his fans, forever immortalizing him as a legend in the annals of entertainment history.

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