Varalakshmi Sarath Kumar is ready for marriage at the age of 38… with that Tamil star hero!

Varalakshmi Sarathkumar is a name that needs no introduction to the Telugu audience. She entered the film industry as the successor of the senior hero, actor Sarath Kumar, but as a heroine she did not succeed as expected. But after that he became very successful as a character actor. As an actress and supporting actress, she is delighting moviegoers by playing diverse roles. Recently, she also impressed with her performance as the hero’s elder sister Anjamma in the pan India blockbuster film ‘Hanuman’. But it looks like she is all set for marriage as she entertains her fans with her unique performances in various roles. खाबरेन है की अक्ष्टर की की हैरो से में Going to details.

No Success: Varalakshmi Sarathkumar, who entered the film industry as the daughter of veteran actor Sarathkumar, worked as a heroine in her early career opposite several heroes including Vishal and Simbu. But the films did not impress as much as expected. As a result, she was not very successful as a heroine.

Super Success as Female Villain: Despite being successful as heroine, Varalakshmi impressed the audience with her unique performance. She received an unexpected response not as a heroine but as a female villain. He surprised the audience by acting in films like Sarkar, Pandem Kodi 2, टेनाली रामक्रिष्ण BL, Crack. Everyone was impressed by his performance. And they started getting more and more opportunities in Telugu.

Big success with Hanuman: She had a good success with Veerasimha Reddy last year and recently got a big success with her performance as hero’s sister Anjamma in the blockbuster film ‘Hanuman’. Currently, this film is enjoying success. Recently she is doing good roles in Telugu films and giving hit films, but her age is approaching 40 years, but she is not married yet. In this order, once again their marriage news has started. A star is talking about going seven steps with the hero.

Shimbu Se Shadi: Like Varalakshmi ki Tarah Simbu is also single and these rumors have been aired. And how much truth is there in this? But those close to both say there is no truth in it. At the moment these two claim to be just good friends. Meanwhile, it is known that Simbu had earlier played प्रेमायणाम with नायनतारा and Hansika. Meanwhile there were reports that she is in love with Nidhi Aggarwal.


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