Tragic Loss Strikes “Sister Wives” Star Janelle Brown as Son Garrison Dies at 25

The Brown family, best known for “Sister Wives,” is mourning the death of their 25-year-old son, Robert Garrison Brown. Garrison, found dead in his Flagstaff home, is greatly missed.

According to reports from Flagstaff PD, officers responded to a call reporting a death at Garrison’s residence, where they discovered him deceased from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. While the investigation is ongoing, authorities have indicated that no foul play is suspected at this time.

Garrison, a beloved member of the Brown family from “Sister Wives” since 2010, passed away. He was one of Kody Brown’s children and had many siblings, some of whom were also on the show.

Garrison Brown

Born into a polygamous family in Utah, the Browns eventually relocated to Las Vegas before settling in Flagstaff. Despite the family’s publicized lifestyle, Garrison was known for his own aspirations and interests, including a desire to serve his country by enlisting in the armed forces.

Garrison initially planned to enlist in the Army but chose the National Guard. He later bought a home in Arizona and shared his life on social media, where he was known for his love of animals.

Garrison’s untimely passing comes as a devastating blow to his family, particularly his mother Janelle Brown, who recently revealed a battle with a cancer scare. In a poignant social media post, Janelle expressed the profound grief felt by her and her husband Kody, urging privacy as they navigate this difficult time and honor Garrison’s memory.

As friends, fans, and loved ones come together to mourn the loss of Garrison Brown, his memory will undoubtedly live on in the hearts of those who knew and cherished him.


Q: When did Garrison decide to join the National Guard?
A: Garrison decided to join the National Guard instead of the Army after initially considering enlistment.

Q: Where did Garrison purchase his own home?
A: Garrison bought his own home in Arizona.

Q: What was Garrison known for on social media?
A: Garrison was known for sharing glimpses of his life and interests, particularly his love of animals.

Q: How long had Garrison been considering joining the Army before deciding on the National Guard?
A: Garrison had been considering joining the Army before ultimately choosing the National Guard.

Q: Did Garrison live with his family or on his own before purchasing his own home in Arizona?
A: Garrison moved out of his family’s house during the pandemic and lived on his own before buying his own home in Arizona.

Q: Was Garrison active on social media?
A: Yes, Garrison frequently shared updates about his life and interests on social media platforms.


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