Carryminati(Ajey Nagar) Net Worth and Annual, Monthly Income

Carryminati Net Worth

YouTube is one of the popular social media platforms where individuals enjoy videos online. It is a huge collection of distinct entertainment and informative videos. here, you will find different channels of famous personalities, educational institutes, dance schools, cooking channels, and stand-up artist channels. in recent years, on YouTube, many stand-up comedy artists have risen and now they are YouTube stars. These YouTube stars are also known as YouTubers and have a huge fan–following of millions of users worldwide. In this stand-up artist list, one of the famous names is – Carry Minati.

Who is Carry Minati?

Carry Minati is a famous Indian YouTuber whose real name is Ajey Nagar. he was born on 12th June 1999 in Faridabad, Haryana, India. he is renowned for his roasted videos, satirical parodies, comedy videos, and vlogs. apart from his videos, he is also a music director, songwriter, rapper, and singer. Currently he is india’s number one youtuber.

His Career

He started his first YouTube channel in 2010 named ‘Stealth Frenze’ where he used to upload football tips and tricks videos. But it didn’t run well. Later in 2014, he created another channel, named ‘Addicted AI’ where he posted some game videos in his commentary style and also posted mimicry videos in the voice of Bollywood superstars Shah Rukh Khan and Sunny Deol. But again, he didn’t get success.

He started again with his new channel ‘Leafyishere’ where he started uploading roasted game-playing videos. In 2015, he changed the name of the channel to ‘Carry Deol’. Now this idea worked and his content got appreciation from viewers. His life-changing video was a roasted video on another YouTuber Bhuvan Bam that was viewed by huge viewers and he became a famous youtuber overnight.

His Earnings

Carry Minati is in the category of millionaire youtuber and Carryminati net worth is of $7.3 million (Rs. 584 Crores). he started his career at a very young age and his success inspires other youngsters to work hard and achieve success.

Youtube channel nameCarry minati
Total uploaded videos179
Monthly views44.6 millions
Monthly earningsRs (17 +) lakhs
Annual earningsRs. (3 +) crores

His earning growth of last five years

2022$7.3 million
2021$4 million
2020$3.7 million
2019$4.4 million
2018$4 million

His other works

In the music field, he also marked his name. In January 2019, he released a diss track named’ Bye PewDiePie’ that was a criticism of PewDiePie. This video received 22 million views only in five months of its release. Carryminati has also released another track named ‘ Trigger’ with his elder brother, Wily Frenzy, who is also a musician. in 2020, he released ‘ Zindagi’ , ‘ Warrior’, diss track ‘ Yalgaar’ ,and ‘Vardaan’ in 2021.

He has also worked with the Bollywood music composer duo Salim-Sulaiman for the music video ‘ Date Kar Le’. He rapped his song ‘Yalgaar’, music by his brother, Wily Frenzy, that was used as the theme song of “The Big Bull” movie in 2021.

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