Cedric The Entertainer Net Worth – How Much is Cedric Worth?

Cedric The Entertainer is a perfect showman who wears many stylish hats including of an actor, stand-up comedian, producer, and television host. Get to know his total net worth.
Cedric The Entertainer Net Worth

“I love stand-up, and it keeps me grounded, to say the stuff I have been thinking without anyone changing it.”

– Cedric The Entertainer

One of the greatest African-American comics, Cedric The Entertainer, has been loved by audiences for many years. 

His total net worth is estimated to be $25 million as of 2024 which sums up his achievements as a stand-up comedian, actor, and television host. 

Let’s look at what makes Cedric The Entertainer’s net worth so valuable in today’s digital entertainment age. 

The Stand-Up Comic and Actor

Cedric in Two Drink Minimum - A Netflix Stand-Up Special

Born as Cedric Antonio Kyles, his first steps into comedy started in 1995 and since then he hasn’t looked back. 

When he played Cedric Jackie Robinson in the Steve Harvey Show, he started not just his career, but also a long-lasting friendship. 

Along with Steve Harvey, Cedric was also part of The Original Kings of Comedy tour directed by Spike Lee which was a superhit show garnering $37 million to date.

He appeared as the lead comedian at the White House Correspondents Dinner and has won many awards. 

The prestigious Johnny Walker National Comedy Contest in 1990, the Miller Genuine Draft Comedy Contest in 1993, and four NAACP Awards are in his name. 

Cedric The Entertainer was inducted to the St. Louis Walk of Fame on June 7, 2008. His star is at 6166 Delmar.

Cedric has starred in many blockbuster works like the Barbershop trilogy, The Neighborhood, The Soul Man, the Madagascar trilogy, and many more. 

Cedric in the movie Barbershop 2: Back in Business

Take a look at his earnings from the Barbershop trilogy movie.

Barbershop (2002)$150,000
Barbershop 2: Back in Business (2004)$1.5 million
Barbershop: The Next Cut (2016)$3 million

Cedric is also known to have revived many television shows with his acting and hosting skills.

In 2021, when Cedric got a chance to host the prestigious 73rd Emmy Award show, just like other celebrities, he must have received anywhere between $15,000 to $1 million. 

For the 2022 CBS sitcom called The Neighbourhood, he was paid $48,000 weekly. 

Cedric has also appeared in the music video “Not Today” by Mary J. Blige (2003).

Investor and Entrepreneur

It isn’t surprising that being a multi-talented personality, Cedric is among the top celebrity entertainers. He has experience and connections that have helped him step up the ladder of success. 

Cedric The Entertainer is also the author of two books – Flipping Boxcars and Grown-A$$ Man. 

He owns the Bird and Bear Entertainment production company and made his directorial debut with Dance Fu in 2010. 

Like a true entrepreneur, he has diversified his portfolio by investing in real estate, restaurants, and collaborations with many well-known brands. 

Cedric updates his fans through his active social media posts about his upcoming shows and charitable ventures. 

Cedric The Entertainer’s Social Media Presence

Personal Life and Lifestyle

Cedric The Entertainer’s Lifestyle

He lives in California with his family – wife and two children and owns a home worth $5-7 million that is a 10,000-square-foot mansion. 

Cedric has another house in Missouri which is 5,300 square feet and is worth around $600,000 today.

He runs the Cedric the Entertainer Charitable Foundation Inc., which awards scholarships to graduating seniors from his high school each year. 

Cedric has established himself among the top stars in the entertainment industry but also as a sharp businessman. 

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