Does Share ‘Others’ Reveal the Blocked Users?

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As the craze of social media activities is growing, Instagram is running on top of it all. Although take any social media platform, active users are more concerned about every activity of their social media. Even when their follower list goes down, some maintain a balance of followers and following list, they spend enough time checking who have blocked or unfollowed them. 

The person who has unfollowed can be easily detected but who has blocked your Instagram account is a tough or seems an impossible task. Now many users with millions of followers on Instagram have posted a reel during the starting months of 2023, you can know the Instagram accounts that have blocked you by following this path- “Share > Others > Blocked”. But does ‘share other blocked Instagram’ actually work? Let’s see it in the further sections of the article.

How does “Share Other Blocked” work on Instagram?

Many Instagram accounts (like @jj_Cadwell, cleanculture_bk2 and others) with millions of followers have amazed their followers by showing the way to see who has blocked you. They show that they have found a way to see the blocked accounts. According to them, When you share any reel or Instagram content, you will find an ‘Others’ option that will show you the list of all Instagram accounts that have blocked you. 

However, after thorough research by our team, we did not find such a ‘share other blocked’ facility on Instagram. The research was done on both- mobile applications and web applications. On the mobile app, when you hit the share icon underneath the post, there is no such “Others” option available. On desktop, when you click on three dots to share, you get options like Facebook, and Twitter, and see all options will expand the ways to share content.

Not every piece of content on Instagram is genuine. Users create content to increase their followers and viewers, don’t blindly trust, perform a check before forwarding it.

Is it possible to check who has blocked you on Instagram?

Although there is no direct method to check who has blocked you on Instagram, you can use these ways to get an idea about the person who might have blocked you:

  • Search by username: if you are in doubt about any particular user on Instagram, search for them and if you can’t locate them, that means the person has blocked you.
  • Take a look at likes and comments: see their activities on your posts. If they aren’t there that means you are blocked by them.
  • Check DM: if you had a conversion on the app, check if you can access it. If it is gray and can’t be accessed that also means you are blocked.
  • Look out for their posts: Instagram like other social media platforms, uses an algorithm to show the activities of those users on the top of your feed with whom you interact the most on the platform. Look out for their posts in your feed, if you can’t find them even after going so far, it means they must have blocked you.
  • Try mentioning them in a post: another trick you can try is to mention the user in some random posts. If you aren’t able to do that, that also means you are blocked. 

All these methods can also mean the user has deleted their account or Instagram has blocked their account temporarily may be due to involvement in some policy against activities. Still, these methods are more accurate unlike Instagram share other blocked,


No social media has the policy to display the accounts who have blocked you, instead, you can only check for the accounts you have blocked.

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