Poonam Pandey Faces Defamation Case Following Recent Controversy

Recently, Poonam Pandey’s demise sparked a wave of controversy on social media platforms. A story on Poonam Pandey‘s Instagram handle hinted at her departure from this world, but later it was revealed that she had been diagnosed with cervical cancer.

Defamation Allegations:

Poonam Pandey now faces a defamation case worth a staggering 100 crores due to a campaign on Instagram. The case alleges that her actions led to defamation against her.

The Legal Battle:

The defamation case was filed by Faizan Ansari, a resident of Mumbai, along with the Police Commissioner of Kanpur. They attribute the defamation to Poonam Pandey’s false death, which allegedly exploited the emotions and trust of millions through fake news.

Serious Accusations:

In the FIR filed by Faizan Ansari, Poonam Pandey is accused of orchestrating the false conspiracy of death and playing with the emotions of millions of Indians and the Bollywood film industry. This action, according to Ansari, tarnished the reputation of both Poonam Pandey and her husband, Sam Bombay.

Publicity Stunt Backlash:

The legal action against Poonam Pandey stems from the belief that her publicity stunt not only upset social media but also negatively impacted several individuals. Demands have been made for legal action to be taken against her.

Awaiting Response:

Controversy surrounding Poonam Pandey’s publicity stunt has not only angered social media users but also prompted legal action. It remains to be seen how Poonam Pandey will respond to these allegations and whether this incident serves as an actual awareness campaign or merely a publicity stunt.

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