After Shahrukh Khan’s exit from Dhoom 4, Akshay Kumar’s look poster is trending on social media

Shahrukh Khan Vs Akshay Kumar in Dhoom Four issue is heating up
Ever since the news has spread that Wire F Shahrukh and
Akshay is being approached for the fourth part of Dhoom.
Since then it seems as if a storm has started blowing.
Actually some fans believe that Shahrukh Khan will be the villain in the film.

So many people say that Wire F should be given to Akshay Kumar.
The villain should be made. All this speculation is being made only then.
When the makers have not announced the film yet
Nor has anything been said about the hero and villain to be cast in it.
Just a few days ago it was said that Shahrukh Khan
Look test for Dhoom Four has been done after which Shahrukh Khan
Seeing the new look, the fans have become even more noisy that
are doing four

Actually said this about his look test
It was said that Shahrukh Khan was long in Dhoom Four.
Can be seen in hair and these days
Shahrukh Khan can be seen with long hair
Maybe a few days before King Khan Doha
Some of his photos from where he had gone and
Videos were also leaked in these glimpses
Shahrukh Khan keeps his look with long hair and pony
After which the fans asked the wife this
Have requested that he go to SR K AC
Dhoom becomes four with looks
Insert one of Akshay Kumar among all these
Fan made poster is going viral

Regarding which it is being claimed that Akshay Kumar also
Seen in Dhoom Four carrying this look
Let’s talk about this fan made poster
So Akshay Kumar is looking very handsome in this
They are visible on the bike.
Just by looking at it you can tell that it is some action
Performing with long hair and beard
The intense smile is clearly visible on the face
After seeing this photo people started liking Akshay Kumar
Can’t wait to enter Dhoom Four
are getting

Some people believe that this photo is fake
Have tested the look of the four but let me tell you
That this is the look test of any Dhoom Four
There is no photo but these are big and small
There is a picture of Mia which has been edited
And it has Akshay Kumar’s beard
Mustache and hair have been extended like yours
According to you, Akshay and Shahrukh are part of Dhoom Four.
Comment is the perfect hero villain pair
Don’t forget to let us know in the section

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