Deepika Padukone joins David Beckham as a presenter at the BAFTA Awards 2024

Deepika Padukone, after Fighter, Prabhas
Starr will be seen in tomorrow’s 2898 AD
Deepika Padukone and it’s awards night
Prestigious BAFT Awards Yes You Heard It Right

Deepika Padukone Last Year Performance

Deepika Padukone last year 95th
As a presenter at the Academy Awards
Had given glamorous appearance then December
Deepika World’s Biggest in 2022
Even in the sporting event Football World Cup
Was center stage and he won the World Cup
Trophy was unveiled and now BAFTA Awards
Will there be something in Deepika’s appearance?
You will see this special later in the story
Will also let you know when at the airport
Deepika and Ranveer were captured recently
What was special in his appearance?

BAFTA Awards

First thing prestigious bafta
Awards Reported Deepika Padukone Prestigious
As a presenter at the BAFTA Awards
are going to happen and that many international
Stars and English former footballer David
Share the stage with global icons like Beckham
Karangi The BAFTA Film Awards Sunday Night 18
Royal Festival Hall, London in February 2024
At present it is not clear whether Deepika
And in which category of the remaining syllabus awards?
Going to present but this much is certain
That Deepika after her debut at Oscars
Also going to attend BAFT Awards
Let us tell you that the 95th Academy Awards will be held in 2023.
Deepika joined RR as a presenter.
RK’s Oscar winning song Naat Naat Ko Bhi ntroduced

And now let’s talk about Deepika Padukone‘s recent news.
Hubby Ranveer to Deepika for airport appearance
Paparazzi with Singh at Mumbai airport This couple was spotted
during their recent trip. Later, when he returned to Mumbai, Peps gave him a
Captured together during this time from the airport
This lovely couple was seen holding hands when they came out
Hand Ranveer Singh was seen escorting Deepika to the car.

Deepika was spotted here in a white shirt over which she
Ranveer was wearing a blue sweater
Singh in white t-shirt with black coat and matching
Deepika and Ranveer were seen in pants
Fans have also showered a lot of love on Jhalak.
User wrote after a long time I have
Scene Both Nice Family Lots Of Love To One
Praising the couple, the fan wrote ‘The Best Couple of’
While Bollywood, Deepika is a fan of her
Was seen praying for the appearance and
Deepika The Queen wrote in the comment box, talk about work front.
So about Ranveer’s upcoming film Singham Again
Fans are eagerly waiting for Deepika Padukone
After Fighter, Prabhas starrer seen in tomorrow’s 2898 AD

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