Ayesha Takia Responds to Trolls with Grace

Ayesha Takia, renowned for her roles in movies like “Wanted” and “Taarzan: The Wonder Car,” recently made headlines not for her cinematic endeavors but for a viral video and subsequent backlash regarding her appearance.

Social Media Storm:

A video of Ayesha Takia at the airport with her son, Mikhail Azmi, caught the attention of netizens and swiftly went viral on social media platforms. Unfortunately, instead of admiration, the video sparked harsh criticism and trolling directed at her changed appearance.

Trolling and Response:

In response to the onslaught of negative comments, Ayesha Takia took to social media to address the issue directly. She shared a post expressing her disappointment with the focus on her appearance amidst more pressing matters in the world.

A Clear Message:

In her post, Ayesha Takia clarified that while some found humor in her appearance, the discussion should be shifted to more significant topics. She emphasized her contentment with her life and disinterest in returning to the limelight of the film industry.

A Personal Note:

Adding a personal touch, Ayesha Takia shared a glimpse into her life, revealing a recent family emergency involving her sister’s hospitalization. Despite the challenges, she remained gracious, even pausing to help others during her hectic schedule.

Gratitude and Support:

Expressing gratitude to her fans, followers, and well-wishers, Ayesha Takia thanked them for their unwavering support. She encouraged them to focus on positivity and ignore the negativity propagated by trolls.

Life Beyond the Headlines:

Ayesha Takia made it clear that she values her peace and happiness above any fleeting fame or attention. Her post serves as a reminder to prioritize self-care and not be swayed by the opinions of others.

Family and Love:

Away from the spotlight, Ayesha Takia leads a fulfilling life with her family. She married Farhan Azmi, son of political leader Abu Azmi, in 2009, and her focus remains on her loved ones rather than seeking public validation.

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