Big news: Jnanpith award to Jagatguru Ram Bhadracharya and Gulzar

The big and important information of this time is that Jagatguru Ram Bhadracharya has been honored with the Jnanpith Award. This honor has been given in recognition of his contribution, which he has made in the field of literature and religion. Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently reached Chitrakot and met him, released some books and proved the importance of his literary contribution.

Gulzar’s respect

At the same time, famous lyricist Gulzar will also be honored with the Jnanpith Award. Recognizing the excellence of his writing, he is being given this high honour. The uniqueness of literary depth and thoughtfulness in his songs has made him worthy of this honour.

Interlude and closing:

This honor of Jagatguru Ram Bhadracharya and Gulzar has an important message, which propagates ideals and messages to the society through the literary and artistic world. With these honours, the dignity of our culture and literature gets further boosted, and it proves that there is indelible richness and dedication in Indian literature and art.

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