Salman Khan has reserved Eid for AR Murugadoss’s Rs 400 crore film, which is set to release in 2025.

That name of Bollywood, in front of which any other name would tremble, imagine when the biggest director of the South puts his mind to one of the biggest names of Bollywood and teams up with the most famous director of the South for his next cinematic solution. This is a proposal of a consciousness that is trying to define filmmaking.


Salman Khan and producer Sajid Nadiadwala are all set to change the box office again after ten years after their successful partnership on “Kick” in 2014. This time, they are gearing up for another massive action thriller with AR Murugadoss, the mastermind behind some of the biggest hits of South Indian cinema, taking the director’s chair.

Production Details:

According to sources, the budget of this project is Rs 100 crore, which marks a significant moment in the careers of Salman, Sajid, and Murugadoss. Sources indicate that the story has inspired all three, meaning that the story it inspired could break records and redefine the industry. According to a report, the story of the film intrigues Salman, who is excited at the quick approval of the project.


When production preparations begin, excitement grows. Shooting is scheduled to take place in Portugal and several European countries, promising a new spectacle of aspiration. Shooting is planned to be completed by the end of 2024, and an Eid 2025 release is targeted. The title of the film is yet to be unveiled, but one thing is clear: Salman Khan and Sajid Nadiadwala have teamed up once again to present Bollywood with a blockbuster that can captivate audiences and set new standards in Indian cinema. Can do. Stay tuned for more updates on this excellent project as it aims to enthrall the masses and aims to set new standards in Indian cinema.

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