How many types of ducks are there in cricket? What is Golden and Diamond Duck?

Highest score for a batsman in cricket What is bigger when it is at zero?
Is out, now zero is zero, even if Then whether he comes to the ball first or whether he comes 10th

Duck out on the ball is called Duck only, But whenever the batsman is out at zero,
Dressing spoils her whole mood Batsmen tend to sit quietly even in the room.
Now you have to see zero being added before your name.
No one will like it but in today’s In the article we will discuss zero in a way
After knowing about which you will also be surprised.

You will think that we have such knowledge before. Why did no one give Aryabhatta zero?
discovered but cricketers are wondering I wonder why Zero was discovered at all?
Because whenever the batsman is out on zero If he goes, he will become completely destitute.
but we watch cricket, we like this Do you know that the batsman is out on zero?
And we also know that it is called duck

But don’t you know that How many types of ducks does a batsman get out on?
You go to Golden Post or Silver Post.
Diamond Dak: You must have heard of all these names but

Is it beyond counting i.e. many more?
There is also Duck in which the batsman can be out.
You will definitely know in this interesting article of ours. How many types of ducks can there be and How can batsmen get out on them?
Do read this article till the end This is going to be a lot of fun, let’s get started
let’s mail it first

  1. Golden Duck
    Anyone who has watched cricket knows this
    Golden Nose What happens when the batsman bats first is called out on the ball
    The golden duck becomes another duck again.
  2. Silver Duck
    On this, when the batsman bowls the second ball of the innings
    If he gets out, he is called a Silver Duck. It is a very easy task, everyone knows that after this comes
  3. Bronze Duck
    Bronze Drug Style can also be applied when the batsman is of the angel
    If he is out on the third ball, he is called Bronze Duck After this Chauth happens
  4. Diamond Duck
    very bad luck to be a batsman enters in to the field because without
    No ball played i.e. zero ball faced The batsman who lost his life was out on zero.
    It is called Diamond Duck, now from here your The real test begins because
    next post is
  5. Royal Duck
    in this post enclosure You must have heard very little, let me tell you
    Royal Ducks in Cricket History of the Game Is associated with the biggest test series of
    Royal Duck is for the opening batsmen who played between Australia and England
    Have played the Ashes series which is a game and in that You returned to the pavilion after getting out on the first ball.

They are called the Golden Duck. Alester Cook has become a victim of this post.
happens in a very funny situation.

  1. Laughing Duck
    Laughing Duck occurs when the batsman is without Someone scores a run and gets out and his
    The innings ends with the fall of the wicket. if it goes then it is called
    Laughing Duck is the next post
  2. A Foot Duck
    Next If we talk about post, then it is A Pedak A Pay. The batsman is out on the post when
    Players want only one match and then that test Be it cricket or first class cricket
    Either way, both of these macho fairies
    If he gets out on a duck then he will not be allowed to play in cricket.
    A foot mail is called, let’s go brother in this car.
    Let’s go ahead and talk EightDuck are eight
  3. King Pair Duck
    King Pair Duck is a king in name only but no Also add batsman before your name
    wouldn’t want because on this kind of post A batsman is out when he is out in the same match
    Be out on golden wicket in both the innings If it goes, it is called King Fair Duck.
    Now brother, you have become the king of cricket.
    want but not at all like this

No, if we talk about the next and last one then that None Duck batting hat-trick

  1. Hat-trick duck
    Hat-trick duck is a duck which It is rarely heard in this when
    batsman continuously in any test series Out three times on three balls in three innings
    It happens.

tell you it is called a batting hat trick Let us tell you that apart from Test cricket, ODI
Same applies in cricket and the situation is like this Only one batsman has done that
Surya Kumar Yadav against Australia In ODI cricket, he has consistently
The record of getting out on the ball is in his name
Recorded and three against Australia Surya in Macho’s ODI series
If the golden lid is out three times in a row
He holds the record of batting hat-trick duck.

I named you this No.D.K.
How did you feel after knowing it in the comment box?
Please tell how many of these are Ducks whose You definitely knew us before.
You can also tell and listen to these Duck scores Which player came to your mind after
If there is that too, please tell me.

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