How to Check Who Is Not Following You on Instagram?

How to Check Who Is Not Following You on Instagram?

On Instagram, there are mainly two types of users. One category is of occasional visitors they don’t keep a record of their followers and the other category can be any influencer, recipe sharer, or anyone who always remains worried about their follower’s list. When you have a small number of followers like 300 or fewer up and down, you can manually keep a check and see who doesn’t follow you back on Instagram. But if you are famous and maintain a huge followers list, then manual checks would become impossible. In this article we are going to discuss some apps that can help you manage your Instagram followers list without any manual frustration.

Keep a Track of Your Instagram Followers

Instagram has recently taken some major steps that help users to keep a check on their followers. Users who are more engaged on Instagram with each other are shown on the top of your feeds whenever you open the Instagram app on your device. Moreover, the notifications section also helps you determine who has followed you back.

But now the question arises how to see who doesn’t follow you back on Instagram? If you have set your account to public, then you will get a notification whenever someone starts following you. 

In the case of a private account, you will get a follow request proceeding by the notification. But it’s hard to see if someone has unfollowed you. Again, in a manageable account, you can keep a check but not in the other case.

Check Manually Who Doesn’t Follow You Back on Instagram

In the manual method, you have to be sure of everything. As we already have discussed how to check who has followed you back but how to check who has unfollowed you is a bit different. If you are a person who keeps a check on your following and followers list then if someone unfollows you, you will get an idea.

If you have doubts about any particular account that has unfollowed you, search your followers list, and check for that account. If it is not available in the list and you are damn sure that the account holder used to follow you before, then the method is super straightforward for you. But this method wouldn’t work if you have a huge number of followers and don’t have any idea of who can unfollow you.

Check Who Has Unfollowed You on Instagram Via the Third-Party Apps

When it becomes hard for you to find who has followed you on Instagram, you can use these useful third-party apps in that case:

1). Follow Cop

This is a free Android app that lets you see who has followed you since the last time you logged in to your account. The app shows ads and gives you reliable results of your lost followers.

2). Follow Meter

This app is meant for both iOS and Android users. It offers different metrics to the users like those who have unfollowed you, started following, or other things. 

3). Followers Tracker Pro

This iOS-only application requires you to take their subscription plan ($5.99 per month) to check who has followed you on Instagram or isn’t following you back.

4). Combin

To see who hasn’t followed you back on Instagram, combin is one of the best apps. There is a free trial of the app also available. It also shows the list of most engaged accounts with your account on Instagram. You have to pay $15 per month after exceeding the free period.

5). followers

This free iOS-only app offers a lot in this single app. You can see who has followed you, is not following you back, most interactive followers of your posts, etc.

6). Unfollowers & Followers

This app is also compatible with iOS devices only. It helps you to check who has followed you on Instagram, who isn’t following you back, and the list of the people or users who keep more engaged with your account on Instagram.

You can ease your Instagram account management with these apps and keep a regular eye on your followers list.

Final Thoughts

You can check who isn’t following you back or who has unfollowed you on Instagram using either the manual method or the best third-party apps. With these third-party apps, you can also check for the account that is most engaged with your posts.

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