How to Solve Spotify Stopping Randomly – Spotify error?

Spotify keeps pausing android

Spotify has very quickly gained the top spot to be the best music application that people use these days. The application is the perfect place for people where they can enjoy their desired songs. The application even offers the opportunity for people to listen to different podcasts and have fun.

However, these days there are a lot of people who have observed Spotify keeps pausing android or even iOS devices. This is a very common issue that a lot of people have faced on the application and if you want to know the reasons behind the issue then, you can easily learn about the issue here in the guide.

What are the main reasons why Spotify is stopping Randomly?

If you have seen that spotify has been stopping and pausing randomly on your device then there can be a number of reasons behind the same. You can face the issue because of a technical issue on your device and in your application.

The issue can also happen if your spotify account has been hacked or the headphone connection between the two devices is not okay. Here, we are giving you some simple solutions that you can use when you want to fix this issue on your device.

What can you do to fix if Spotify keeps Pausing on Mobile Phones?

As we have already explained this is a very common issue and this is why there are some very simple solutions that people can use when they want to fix the issue on their mobile phone whether it is an Android mobile phone or an iOS device.

Solution 1: Log Out of all devices

The basic reason why people see spotify pausing randomly is if your account is being used on more than one device. If your Spotify account has been logged into two or more devices then, you need to remove your account from all these devices and then, re-login on your main device where you use the account.

This is very simple to do as you can just use your Spotify account overview to sign out of all the devices where the account is logged in.

Solution 2: Change the password of your Spotify account

The next reason why people face this issue is if your account has been hacked by someone. It has been observed by a number of Spotify users and this is the main reason why it is recommended to change the password of your account so that you can use the account without any issues.

You can use any web browser or the Spotify application to change the password of your account to ensure that no one else is using your account.

Solution 3: Disable Data saver on your device

If you have turned on data saver on your mobile phone then, this can also be a very major reason why your Spotify is randomly pausing. Data saver often creates issues and this is why we suggest that you turn off the Data saver on your mobile phone to ensure that you can continue seamless listening whenever you feel like having fun with your desired musical artists. 

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