Top 10 Popular YouTubers in India in 2024

top 10 youtubers in india

Undoubtedly, YouTube is the giant online streaming platform to date, no other platform is near it in terms of popularity. It has become the preferred platform for YouTubers to expand their follower base, brand recognition, and earnings.

With over 467 million monthly active users, it has a large user base that can contribute to the success of various YouTubers who upload wide genres of videos every day to keep internet users engaged throughout the day.

With the ability to make unique videos in different formats focussing on various genres, Indian YouTubers have amassed millions of subscribers globally which played a vital role in uplifting from bottom to top contributing to earning wealth. Due to their very appealing and impressive background, Indian YouTubers are now at the top of the most famous YouTubers in the globe.

Being a fashion or tech gaming brand owner, you must be looking to find the perfect YouTube influencer to promote your brand.

In this blog, we have compiled a list of the top 10 youtubers in india that you should know. Read the post to be a knowbie.

Top Ten Youtubers in India

  1. Ajay Negar as Carry Minati

One of the biggest YouTubers Carry Minati has a huge fan follower on YouTube who is widely known for his comedy content, roasting videos, along with various mimic accents. He runs most subscribed youtube channel in India. His original name is Ajay Negar he is a gamer, rapper, streamer, and vlogger.

 Quick facts To know 

  • Carryminati Net Worth–  $5 Million (41 crore IND)
  • Subscribers – 39.2 Million
  • Monthly Income –  25 Lakhs
  1. Ajju Bhai as Total Gaming

Ajju Bhai famous as Total Gaming is one of the top YouTubers in india, who focuses on uploading videos of Free Fire, Call of Duty Mobile, Pubg, GTA 5, and more.  Offering a wide range of gameplay videos, helpful tips, and tricks Ajju Bhai, made fans. His channel has built a huge fan base and become the go-to channel for gaming enthusiasts in India. 

Quick facts to know

  • Total Net Worth –  $2 Million (15 Crore)
  • Subscribers –  35.4 M
  • Monthly Income –  7 to 8 Lakhs.
  1. Ujjwal Chaurasia as Techno Gamertz

One of the top-rated YouTubers Ujjwal Chaurasia known as Techno Gamertz gives a strong rivalry to the Top gaming in the gaming categories videos on YouTube. He stepped out as a YouTuber with the most popular game GTA 5 and captured about 24.2 million subscribers.

Quick Facts 

  • Total Net Worth –  $2 Million (15 Crore)
  • Subscribers – 34.4 Million
  • Monthly Income –  15+ Lakhs
  1. Ashish Chanchalani

Started his YouTube channel in the year 2009, and Ashish Chanchlani gained immense popularity due to his comic videos. With 27.3 million subscribers, Ashsish has reserved a place in the list of famous YouTubers in India. 

Quick Facts:  

  • Total Net Worth –  $5 Million (40 Crore)
  • Subscribers –29.8 Million
  • Monthly Income –  25+ Lakhs
  1.  Bhuvan Bam as BB ki Vines 

Who does not know Bhuvan Bam? With his great sense of humor, he has created many comedy entertaining YouTube videos and become a top YouTuber in india. His channel “BB ki Vines” has 25.1 million subscribers globally. Aside from that, he loves singing and started his career as a bar singer in Delhi.

Quick Facts

  • Total Net Worth –$15 Million (120 Crore)
  • Subscribers – 26.3 Million
  • Monthly Income – 20 to 25 Lakhs
  1. Round2hell

With the collaboration of the three friends Zyan, Wasim, and Nazim, the YouTube channel Round2hell was launched in 2015 and became increasingly popular in a very short period. The three friends filled with passion and ideas worked together to create the famous YouTube channel Round2 hell. 

  • Total Net Worth –  $4.9 Million (40 Crore)
  • Subscribers – 30.7 Million
  • Monthly Income –  10 to 20 Lakhs
  1. Dilraz Singh Rawat as Mr. Indian Hacker

One of the popular YouTubers Dilraz Sngh Rawat created a YouTube channel by the name “Mr. Indian Hacker” which has become tremendously popular on the internet. 

  • Total Net Worth – $2+ Million (16+ Crore)
  • Subscribers – 31.7 Million
  • Monthly Income –  15 to 20 Lakhs

Other Famous Youtubers 

  1. Sandeep Maheshwari

Quick Facts 

  • Total Net Worth –>> $3.5 To $4 Million ( 30 Crore to 35 Crore)
  • Subscribers –>> 27.8 Million
  • Monthly Income –>> 30+ Lakhs
  1. Amit Bhadana

Quick Facts 

  • Total Net Worth – $7 Million (53 Crore)
  • Subscribers – 24.3 Million
  • Monthly Income –  25 to 30 Lakhs
  1.  Technical Guruji
  • Total Net Worth –  $45 Million (356 Crore)
  • Subscribers – 23 Million
  • Monthly Income –  45 to 50 Lakhs

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