Top Private Instagram Viewers: Exploring Account and Profile Access Solutions

On Instagram or any other social media platform, the main concern of users is on their friend or followers list and if someone has blocked them. Due to the privacy policy, Instagram doesn’t allow you to see the content of private accounts whom you are not following or who may have blocked you. But sometimes you need to look at their posts for some reason. Do you wonder if it is possible? If yes then give your precious time to know about the apps to view private Instagram free.

Top selected private Instagram viewers

After having tried many of the best-rated applications, we have listed the best ones. Some of them are free to use, some offer a free trial, and others are paid. All these apps are best in their service and the version you are opting to use them. Let’s have a look:

1). xMobi

Without logging into your Instagram account, you can still access the private Instagram account with images and video posts.


Provide secured site connection due to SSL certification
Your information is kept confidential
Enables you to download pictures from the Instagram profile
Keylogger- read everything they type
Free software

2). Glassagram

spy on Instagram with one of the best Instagram private account viewer apps. Keep track of your kids’ activities like GPS, contacts, web browsing, social media surfing, etc to know whether the kid is involved in bad company or not.


Effortless data synchronization
Both free and paid versions are available
You can block, unfollow or something else from your dashboard.
Able to access data from private accounts as well.

3). Eyezy

This social media dedicated spy app lets you get access to Instagram messages as well. You can also see if any message gets deleted.


You can instant notification when the target person gets any DM
Make informed decisions with accurate info.
Support all smart devices.

4). Spokeo

Get complete access to your Instagram private account or the account that has blocked you. This is the most accurate, legal and safe platform to use.

Spy with a single click
See online results constantly
No need to download additional software
Both paid and free plans are available

5). mSpy

You don’t need to jailbreak or root your device to use this app. You can directly send messages from your child’s Instagram and protect him from online predators.


Get complete access to the Instagram account of the target person.
Suitable for Android, iPhone and iPad
Your identity will be hidden.
You get a 14-day free trial.

6). Inflact

This is the best way to view private Instagram without human verification. Without any formalities, the app keeps on working and doesn’t even require you to log in to your Instagram account.

7). Gwaa

This app may provide less information than other apps but is an accurate one. Its premium version provides more features for spying on private Instagram.


Anonymously view private Instagram photos, videos, posts, comments and likes.
Keep your device safe with this tool
View Instagram private account

8). Instalooker

Another Instagram private viewer for free is Instalooker. It lets you spy on a private Instagram account and is 100% legal.


Legal and safe to use
Track private Instagram accounts

9). PrivateInsta

This private Instagram viewer app has more features than just spying and keylogging.


Download images and videos from a private account
Quick access to private Instagram accounts


All the above apps can be used for viewing Instagram’s private accounts. Although it is an unethical practice, sometimes it becomes necessary to track your kid’s activities.

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