WhatsApp Images Missing from Gallery: Causes and Fixes

WhatsApp images not showing in the gallery

Whatsapp is a great online chatting platform where you can share images, videos, documents, or other files. The default WhatsApp settings download all media files automatically. But when you look at them in your photo gallery, you wouldn’t be able to locate them sometimes and wonder if my WhatsApp images not showing in the gallery. 

You are going to get the maximum possible causes and fixes for WhatsApp photos not showing in the phone’s gallery.

Reasons Behind WhatsApp Photos Not Showing in the Gallery

When we first install the app, by default the photos don’t go into the photo gallery of your phone in some cases. There could be many reasons behind WhatsApp images not showing in the gallery and some of the major ones are described here:

  • Disabled default auto downloading option: when the auto-downloading feature is turned off in the app, then they won’t go into your gallery.
  • Look in the WhatsApp media files in other folders: smartphones create a separate folder to store WhatsApp images and videos. You might be looking in another folder.
  • Poor internet connection: WhatsApp media files require good network speed to download. Poor internet connection won’t auto-download to your photo gallery.
  • Hide WhatsApp media folder from phone’s settings: due to some privacy concerns, users get the option to hide WhatsApp media files from their smartphones and that is also a reason you can’t find them in your gallery.
  • Short of storage: when your device is out of space, it can’t store WhatsApp media in the phone’s gallery.
  • WhatsApp glitch: when there is an internal glitch in the app, also you may face this issue.
  • Damaged SD card in Android: Android users may face such issues in case of damaged SD cards.

How to Fix WhatsApp images are not showing in the gallery

When there occur the issue: WhatsApp images not showing in the gallery, you can follow these tips and easily resolve the issue:

Activate Auto-download option

You can set the auto-download option according to your preferences that suit your needs

iPhone: Whatsapp > Settings > Chats > Enable toggle for Save to Camera roll

Android: WhatsApp > three dots > Settings > Storage and Data > Choose the desired option under auto download.

Also, turn the mobile visibility on for Android users: Whatsapp > Settings > chats > media visibility.

Restart the device

This trick can remove minor glitches and works well for both Android and iPhone.

Update WhatsApp

An outdated version of the app would also cause this issue- WhatsApp images not showing in the gallery on iPhone or Android. So if an update is available, install it on your device immediately to resolve the issue.

Create some storage space

WhatsApp media files require some free space to be stored in the gallery. If your phone is out of storage, then also the issue can occur.

iPhone: Settings > General > iPhone storage

Android: Settings > Storage (for non Samsung phones)

Settings > Battery & Device care > storage

Clear cache files

There may be some corrupted cache files stored in the app, so clear them out.

IPhone: iPhone users don’t get any direct path to clear the cache. Uninstall the app first and reinstall it to get a cache-free app.

Android: Settings > Apps > Manage Apps > Whatsapp > Storage > Clear Data

Remove .nomedia files

Deleting .nomedia files on Android devices can also resolve this issue.

File Manager > Settings (three dots) > Enable Show Hidden files

In the next steps: File Manager > Whatsapp > Media > Whatsapp images > delete the .nomedia file


Your WhatsApp images not showing in the gallery is a common issue prevailed by users. It can be easily resolved if you try every method defined in the article.

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